Artist job, Assistant needed, work from Home, Havertown

My name is Bruce Segal. There are two jobs offered in this ad. Let me know which one you think you can do: the Artist, the Assistant, or both!

I run a company called Great Big Planet. We produce assembly programs for Summer Daycare programs, daycamps, and libraries. I have 15 people (including myself) doing these programs all over the country. For more information, please visit

Her is the artist job:
There are eight different shows, and I need an artist to help me duplicate some of my props, and to originate new props that I need as well. The props that I need duplicated are included in the enclosed link. I do however also need someone to do a simple painting of a retro rocket ship (big fins, etc) that I can have copied for my Outer Space show. We can meet once in person, and then you can bring me the props when you are done. I will pay you $10/hour cash plus all of your materials. You can see the props that I need by visiting this site:

Second job: I need someone with a car hopefully local to Havertown to help me a couple of hours a day, packing up the props and sending them to different cities. If I am missing props, I might ask you to use your computer to find the props and order them for me. Or I might ask you to go out to the Dollar Store to pick up some props. Also $10/hour cash.

Both of these jobs are part-time in nature. They should run for several weeks.

If you are interested, please call me at 610-642-2727. (Please leave me a voice-mail message; If you like you can follow up your voice mail message, with an email)

In your voice-mail, please reply to the following questions:

whats your name and phone number?

Which job are you applying for: the artist, the helper, or both?

Where do you live?

What type of work do you normally do?

Do you have a car?

Thanks so much for your interest!
Bruce Segal