Xbox Reviewer job, Remote, UK

Pay & Earnings details..
XLF Reviewers are paid on a Per Review Basis. The Current Rates are..
Game Reviews: £0.50
Console Reviews: £0.50
Accessory Reviews: £0.50

Note: You can write only game reviews, only console reviews, only accessory reviews or all 3.

Cash Earned can be requested at anytime as long as your Earnings(£) Due is at £10.00 or more.
You will be paid any cash you make on via

Extra Benifits For XLF Reviewers..
- You get access to the XLF Staff Room.
- PM inbox message limit of 100.
- Your post count will still increase in the "Posting Games" forum.

XLF Reviewer Requirements..
- You must use the Review Templates provided when writing reviews. (See Spoilers Below)
- You must keep the XLF Reviewer Signature Banner in your Signature at all times.
- You must attach your Signature to all Posts & PMs you make on the forum.
- You must always be subscribed to your Reviews in order to be notified of any comments on them.
- You must always be subscribed to your Sticky Topic in the "Say Hello To The XLF Team" forum

If you would like to become a XLF Reviewer, please sign up to My Xbox Forum and reply to This Thread. Thanks!