US customer service job, Off-site job

We are looking for new people to add to our team who have previous experience in the hosting industry with a verifiable employment and reference history. This is primarily a customer service position where you will be handling phone calls relating to billing/sales/support issues. Additionally you will be required to handle billing and sales ticket related issues and requests. While experience with whmcs and cPanel is required, this is not a support or server administration position.

WHO: This job is only open to individuals in North America. Any applications or requests from individuals outside of North America or offers from outsourced support companies will be ignored. You must have great knowledge of the inner workings of cPanel, WHMCS and have previous experience in dealing with customers over the phone and through tickets.

WHEN: This is a full time position for 10am-6pm PST Monday-Friday. If you are unable to commit this period of time to the position this is not for you. Weekly payments will be made via PayPal. This is considered a 1099 contractor position. Handling personal errands, playing xbox or hanging out with friends during the specified work period is not unacceptable. If you happen to become sick or are unable to make it to work for whatever reason, you need to contact us asap. You should have a high period of availability via cell phone, IM, or Email before, during and after work shifts.

Looking for:
* Great customer service skills
* Self motivated to learn on your own
* Reliable High speed Internet connection
* Honest and Strong Work Ethics
* Fluent in English (written and oral)
* Responsible person who can work remotely and independently with little direct supervision

* Handling any and all billing and sales Tickets that come in during shift
* Answering Inbound Support nd Billing calls
* Handling cPanel Account Transfers and Script Installations
* Assist our Level III Techs with any stability and load related issues on servers
* Respond to and investigate abuse issues (spam/phishing)

Technical Requirements:
* High level of experience with cPanel/WHM and providing support to the clients using it
* High level of experience with all of cPanel's sub-systems, including Apache, BIND, MySQL, PHP, Exim, Courier
* Experience with a broad set of web hosting topics and popular open source software (Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, etc.)
* Understanding of customer service and able to handle tickets that involve both support and billing related inquiries.

Please send your resume to