AstuceClub provides an ideal environment where super engaged communities can grow and thrive.
We are the French leading website with 5M monthly visitors and about 250K fans. We are now launching the US website,, and are recruiting a team of dedicated writers.

If you are a native English speaker and if you are frequent internet user and you have already played online social games, then you are an ideal candidate. Note however that we are a startup evolving within a competitive environment so your personal commitment and your interest for competition are of paramount importance.

Requirements :
  1. Available to work 7 to 8 hours per day
  2. Some knowledge of spoken French desired, but not necessary
  3. Can work from home
  4. Some knowledge about facebook games (Farmville, Cityville, Castleville or any other Zynga or Playfish's game)

Salary : GBP 1200-1800
Please send resume at