Travel Writing Job, freelance

The Scribe Collective is looking to hire and support researcher/travelers and other adventurous types on our team of academic transcribers.

| About us |
We're a small transcription company specializing in academic content. We work most often with graduate students, universities, educational support agencies, and government institutions. We transcribe a broad range of interesting and compelling content from thesis work and educational seminars to research interviews and radio shows. Learn more about our collective ethos by visiting:

| Background |
In February/March of 2011, the founders of Scribe Collective went on a world tour thanks to winning a small business contest sponsored by British Airways, visiting Western Europe and Southeast Asia with the idea of hiring American expats living abroad. What was immediately apparent, however, was the ease with which we were able to continue our transcription work even while traveling quite extensively.

Scribe Collective is on the move again, as the founders are going abroad to pursue their academic interests and using transcription to fund their travels. One of us will be going to India to study its rich artistic history while aiding several NGOs in the field of social entrepreneurship. The other will be hopping around Central and South America, researching different forms of workers' cooperatives in emerging economies.

Since we are also growing at this time, we would like to add to the members of Scribe Collective. This time around, we are specifically looking for people who, like us, can directly benefit from the mobility that transcription allows. We are soliciting applications from current or prospective travelers (preferably doing some sort of research, writing, grad school prep, etc.) for whom a modest source of funds could mean the difference between going or not going, between pursuing a dream or writing it off as impractical.

| The Concept |
We are searching out prospective members who have the skills and qualifications to be good transcribers, but also people whose interests and goals will mesh well with the job description and its unique benefits. For example, if you want to study art in Paris, it's probably not for you (you can as easily work in a hostel or teach English for similar pay). Conversely, if you want to study the lifestyles of remote Amazonian villagers, it's also probably not feasible either (unless they've recently installed DSL).

As a traveling transcriber, you will need a laptop, a good pair of headphones, a USB foot pedal (provided by us), and an expectation to be able to access decent Internet access at least semi-regularly -- each one of these requirements is essential to being a successful transcriber.

| Job Description |
As a transcriber working for us, you will receive video and/or audio files from which you will you produce a typed out transcript on a Word doc. That is, you will type out, according to our formatting guidelines, exactly what you hear from your audio/video file. You will be compensated $0.80/minute. So a 60-minute file = $48. You can earn more depending on fast you type and how much patience you have. For the average transcriber, this will equate to approximately $12/hour. As you gain experience and comfort with the process, your speed will undoubtedly increase and many of our transcribers thus earn around $14/hour. Be aware that transcribing is a very time consuming and detail-oriented task! Patience is required. Highly skilled transcribers can also transition to become editors in the long-term.

| Key Requirements |
- A clear understanding of English grammar and proper punctuation usage
- A well-functioning computer/laptop with Internet access and Microsoft Word
- Good headphones (i.e. not Apple earphones)
- A Bachelor's degree (or higher) from an accredited university
- A clearly defined goal that this income and mobility will allow you to pursue

| How to apply |
- Send us your resume as an attachment
- Explain to us straightforwardly what it is you want to do, where it will take you, and why it's important to you, your goals, and the world.
- Type up a summary of your travel/research plans and a rough sketch budget of your anticipated expenses. We want to help as directly as possible. For example, if you think $1000/mo. would cover your travel expenses, we can work with you to try to schedule an average of 5 hours of content per week. Be sure to include how long you want to travel for. You don't need to have the details all figured out, but it helps to know if you want to go for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

| Notes |
- We are embarking upon a grand experiment. The ability to offer this opportunity to people is very exciting, so please don't bother applying if you are indifferent to the concept or will not benefit much from it. On the other hand, don't worry if you feel like your plans aren't fully fleshed out yet. We can work with you on it!
- Please do not apply if you don't know the difference between everyday and every day, etc.

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