Toronto Web Developer job, some remote hours

Are you looking for a chance to play a big role in a small team? is interviewing for an immediate job opening.

pingg is not your average company, and not your average online invitation website. We've connected with a worldwide community of amazing artists to bring hosts unique designs for their personal and professional events. Based in New York City and Toronto, pingg was founded in 2006 and has grown into a vibrant community of artists, brands, charities, event hosts, and their guests.

We're looking for a junior Front-end web developer to fill a hole on our team. We've got great designers & deep software skills, and we need a generalist to fill in between the two. You'll be working primarily with HTML/CSS, plus some Javascript and Ruby/Rails.

pingg uses haml for writing (/generating) HTML, so you need some experience with alternative markup languages like markdown, coffeekup, or even just xml. We're also about to add a css pre-processor to our stack and so you'll need to know how to handle that. We have some pretty advanced javascript, so some experience with jQuery would be helpful. Experience with Ruby (another scripting-style language would also do, eg. Perl/Python) would be useful. Also, real *nix command line skills are valuable, mostly because we like people who know this stuff. Source control -- we use git -- should not be a foreign country to you.

We think you'll have a year or two of real world experience, but we don't care much about what you look like on paper. We do care about experience writing actual real-world markup/code that is used by someone, somewhere, for someone. And we'll want to see some of it, too: personal projects (you do have personal projects), contract work, anything that we can put our hands on that you weren't 'forced' to create. A github profile or similar would suffice, or you can send us some relevant code from projects you've worked on.

This is a full time salaried position in our TTC accessible downtown Toronto office. W'e're a flexible workplace, and working from home works for us, but not always.

Please check out, then send a Resume & Cover Letter, and tell us where we can look to see your code.
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