Toronto Part-time Executive Assistant job, Christian organization virtual job, Bowmanville, ON

The Ivory Tree is a Christian based Professional Counselling organization that is committed to offering hope and healing to individuals to enrich their quality of life. We have 2 office locations: Professional Office in Toronto, Ontario (at Yonge & Finch) as well as Home Office in Bowmanville, Ontario is looking for an Executive Assistant to the Principal Counsellor and Founder of The Ivory Tree Inc.

Overview of Job Description

This will be a virtual position with some time each week required at the Bowmanville office for administration and filing. We are currently looking for an individual who will support the Principal Counsellor and Founder of The Ivory Tree in several ways in the areas of scheduling, administration, coordination with 3rd part individuals and billing.

Qualifications & Skills Set Required: • On call from 8am to 8pm Mondays through Thursdays to support Principal Counsellor as well as monitoring client referrals coming in on the phone. (No weekend work) • Completed a Bachelor's degree in any related field or a minimum 5 years of experience in customer service skills with either inbound or outbound calls (Primarily related to scheduling appointments, e-mail follow-up and administration work and dealing with different personality types). • Demonstrated ability with multitasking in a sometimes pressured and demanding environment due to the nature of the business in dealing with crisis situations. • Detail orientated individual with high level of accuracy required. • Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel. Ability to do Texting, Skyping, (Appointment Plus program -- Training will be provided) and work with webmail. • Thorough in follow-up procedures both with clients and 3rd party individuals and courteous manner with clients. • Able to follow instructions quickly and efficiently. • Sloppiness and irresponsibility will not be tolerated. • Mature Individual with a patient and tactful disposition. • An individual who has a good work ethic and believes in doing things properly the first time. Who is looking to grow with the company and has the ability to be a trusted and reliable assistant to the Principal Counsellor. • This position can be demanding for 2 weeks and then slows down completely, very cyclical dependant on the volume of referrals coming in at any given time. Individual in this position may find that they incredibly busy at times or not busy at all which balance it out in terms of total hours in any given month. • Privacy: Individual must maintain a high level of privacy and confidentiality in this position both professionally as well as in line with the PIPEDEA ACT. Any breach of confidentiality will not be tolerated within this position.

Job Description Details & Work Location:

I - Bowmanville, ON Office:

The individual will be required to work from the Bowmanville home office once a week on Fridays or Wednesdays to be determined (once every week) for 5 hrs a day between the hours of 8am -- 1pm. This day is subject to change in August to Wednesdays instead (to be confirmed).

Work at the Bowmanville office will consist of the following:


o Opening files for new clients as and when referrals are received for both office locations in a timely manner. o Preparing paperwork for referrals that have come in. o Ensuring files are maintained and archived properly. o Follow up calls and e-mails to clients and other 3rd party individuals when necessary. o Thorough follow-up and liaison with EAP providers, Case managers, Call Centres and Clients that have been referred.


o Maintaining data integrity for billing purposes through the upkeep of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and ensuring that there is a high level of accuracy between the data sheet and the Counsellor's Calendar. o Assisting in billing by prepping paperwork once in a month to support Principal Counsellor. o Creating Treatment Summaries for Principal Counsellor and Career Profiles documents of Clients as a record. (Training will be provided)

II - Virtual Office:

The out-of-office or "virtual" component of the job will consist of monitoring the phones on call from 8:00am -- 8:00pm 5 days a week, Mondays through to Fridays, once every 2 hrs because of the nature of the business (No weekend work). The individual will be given a Cell phone for Scheduling purposes only. The out-of-office job or virtual component will consist of the following:


o Taking in referrals through the phone and booking appointments to see the Counsellor in a timely and efficient manner. o Maintaining Counsellor's daily calendar/appointments. o Dealing with cancellations, no shows and re-scheduling client appointments as required. o Screening calls for Principal Counsellor and communicating important client information. o Dealing with Counsellor Cancellations of appointments if necessary and re-scheduling client appointments.

Email Follow-up:

o Dealing with various 3rd party individuals by phone or e-mail to ensure that research and testing have been compiled and sent over to the right department and also coordinating with that 3rd party individual to ensure that it has been received in a timely manner and sent back to both client and Principal Counsellor before appointment date. o E-mailing clients their test results or sending them the research material that they requested after coordinating with 3rd party individuals and case coordinators. o E-mailing Principal Counsellor Appointment excel data sheet every 2nd day once all the appointments have been scheduled for the day and communicate with her any questions or instructions that are necessary or required via email, phone or texting. o Working closely with Principal Counsellor to strategize when days are full with appointments but referrals are still coming in. o Communicate to Principal Counsellor if clients are running late or have cancelled or there is a no show by calling or texting. o Follow-up with clients to re-schedule or close files and advice 3rd party Case coordinators or call centres of the same.

Compensation Details:

• Permanent Part-time position (Consultant/Contractor status) • Please note: Training will be for 3 weeks -- during that time period candidate will receive $150. Once training has been completed, the full amount will be applicable due to previous employee handover. • Compensation -- This is a salary position. Compensation will be $400/month for approximately 38 hrs per month. (Combination of working from home (virtually) and (working once a week at the Bowmanville office). • As this is a contract position, the individual must have access to their own desktop computer or laptop as most of the work will be online and through e-mails • Two non-personal professional references required. • Position has the ability to grow into a full-time position in the future.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to forward their recent resume profile and cover letter to as soon as possible. Website address: Only selected candidates will be contacted.