We are looking to fill 20 seats in our virtual call center. This is a work from home call center job. Pay IS $9 for every transfer you send to consultants, very easy! Avg caller can make $300 weekly part time top callers make $500 and more full time. Simple call to find those interested in furthering there education. Requirements for job: light typing skills. Home internet access (windows XP better) with a USB headset. Should be a self starter, with decent communication skills and be teachable some experience desired. If you cannot meet any of these requirements please do not apply.

To apply call 888.632.3437 ext. 110 leave your name, ph, email speak clearly and spell out email, and Deliver the following script excerpt This is your "Audition" do your best, if you get a callback your selected if you do not get a call back then thanks for applying :

Hi, Mr. _________________ This is ____________________
From EFG. How’re you? I’m not going to hold you up. I'm calling to see if your still interested in furthering your education, like you've expressed in the past? Well is there any reason thats holding you back? Well we may be able to help, if I told you that now more than ever you will need some type of specific training to compete in the job market?

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