Tech support job, Sysadmin job, Remote jobs
  • You must be an excellent communicator. We expect that you speak fluent English and have good use of grammar.
  • Understand the importance of FANTASTIC customer service.
  • You should have excellent organisational skills, the ability to handle several tasks or projects at once, and also complete them on time.
  • You need be able to think and learn intuitively.
  • You need to be able to work independently and with little direct supervision.
  • You must be able to follow instruction carefully.
  • You must work well within a team, and contribute to overall team training and knowledge as you work on projects and resolve issues.
  • You must have a high speed Internet connection (and preferably a backup connection, such as 3G).
  • VoIP Phone OR Computer Speaker/Microphone for a VoIP softphone.
  • You must have a love for the Internet and wider hosting industry – we want people with passion for what they do and a desire to continually expand their knowledge as they work, and by experimenting with new technologies/solutions.

Full Time (40-48 Hours Per Week) OR Part Time (15-20 Hours Per week)
  • Provide Support to our customers via our ticketing interface. Occasional callbacks may be required from time to time to resolve issues by phone.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot server problems. Escalate to on-call contacts as required.
  • Respond & Investigate Abuse Issues (spam/phishing)
  • Regularly Document Solutions in Internal Staff Knowledgebase
  • Regularly Document Solutions in Customer Facing Knowledgebase
  • Ad-hoc work as required (system automation, account migrations, server setups etc.)

Technical Abilities & Skills
  • Advanced knowledge of cPanel/WHM and common troubleshooting of cPanel/WHM servers.
  • Advanced knowledge of Apache, Nginx, BIND, MySQL, PHP, Exim, Courier, Dovecot.
  • Advanced knowledge of CentOS & FreeBSD Operating Systems.
  • Advanced experience with managing Linux RPMs and FreeBSD ports/package installations, and resolving conflicts that might occur
  • Ability to configure and proactively maintain servers with no control panel
  • Experience with web server clustering/load balancing, and MySQL replication/clustering
  • Advanced knowledge of shell scripting and advanced shell utilities
  • Knowledge of shell scripting and advanced shell commands/utilities
  • Experience with wide range of web hosting topics.
  • Knowledge of popular open source software (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress etc).
  • Understanding of sales, ability to use experience to recommend upgrades and new services.

Additional Preferred Abilities & Skills

We would also be interested in hearing from candidates with specific skill sets. If you don't have these skills don't let this put you off, as we also have lower level positions available.
  • Knowledge with OnApp
  • Knowledge of configuring Cisco & Extreme networking equipment
  • Experience with Windows Server based hosting environments
  • Experience with configuring and working with clustered and redundant hosting environments (Linux).
  • Experience with HTML/PHP Coding
  • Experience with Squid and Varnish proxies/caches
  • Experience with iSCSI / SANs

Compensation is dependent on past experience. We absolutely do not accept job applications from any 3rd Party Support companies - please do not waste either of our time if this is you.

To apply, please:
  • Send a covering letter, CV/Resume and references to careers [ at ] The covering letter should outline why you should stand out to us.
  • Outline whether you would be interested in full OR part-time work (or both).
  • Please indicate your expected starting salary or if part time, hourly rate.
  • Outline what days and hours you are able to work. Ideally we are looking for candidates who can work on a rotating shift with other staff (some night shifts will be required every few weeks).
  • Please let us know where you are based (city/town and country).

This role requires candidates to be able to carefully read, understand and follow instructions. We will therefore only be contacting applicants who have demonstrated this by correctly following the above outlined application procedure.

The position is available for an immediate start.