St. Louis technical support job, work from home, may move in to office

Provide tier one and two technical support for the hospitality industry. Support Techs will troubleshoot wired and wireless connectivity issues as well as some VPN, e-mail, game consoles, etc. This position is a great resume builder. We have seen several employees move up to great IT positions at companies such as Panera Bread and Good Will, just to name a few. Support Techs will also become familiar with several types of networking equipment including: Cisco, 3com, Zhone, Nomadix, IP3, ANTlabs, Elfiq, Ruckus, etc.

- Part time hours (12-30 per week).
- Starting pay: $10.00/hr.
- Position is work from home, may move in to office in the future.
- Must have broadband connection at home with a quiet area to work.
- Excellent troubleshooting skills.
- Great communication skills.
- Strong knowledge of computers and networking.
- Experience with Macintosh a plus.
- Opportunities exist for exceptional agents to move up quickly!
- No industry experience required.

We are also looking for weekend support techs (Fri-Sun):
- Must have Sat and Sun availability.
- Shifts run form 6am-12pm, 9am-4pm, 12pm-6pm, 4pm-11pm & 6pm-midnight.

We are currently looking for week night support techs (Mon-Fri):
- Must have Mon and/or Tue availability.
- Shifts run from: 3pm-9pm, 4pm-10pm, 5pm-11pm & 6pm-midnight.

Please submit resumes to