SFO tech support job, online contractors wanted

SupportSpace – Based in South San Francisco, CA 94080

· Join the SupportSpace Expert Network as an independent contractor!
· Work when and where you want
· Provide technical support to customers for a high-profile retail brand using cloud-based technology and tools
· Join a network of tech support professionals that has seen exponential growth… now!

Who is SupportSpace?

Service is our business and passion. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate service experience through the game-changing advancement of remote services and a virtual Expert Network. The Expert Network has people and small companies that work remotely from around the United States. See the SupportSpace website: http://corporate.supportspace.com or check out our FAQ at http://corporate.supportspace.com/expert-faqs/ for more information.

Why should you become a SupportSpace Expert?

· Create your own work schedule.
· Gain credibility by joining one of the largest on-line technical support communities.
· Make money while utilizing SupportSpace’s dynamic platform to access customers.
· Get recognition and visibility with customer reviews.
· Help customers who seek technical expertise.

How does it work?

Once you are SupportSpace certified, you can log on to the SupportSpace network to receive calls or chat sessions from consumers, most of whom who have already enrolled in a pre-paid tech support plan from a nationwide retail chain. These consumers will be routed to you based on your expertise and profile. You assess the issue and choose the service that will resolve the consumer’s issue. The consumer can give you a rating, and the higher your ratings, the more sessions you will have routed to you!


Compensation is typically a flat fee or commission paid for a successfully resolved service for a customer, and the amount is based on the type of service you provide and the Partner you choose to support. Some SupportSpace Experts earn over $6,000 USD a month by providing a high level of service.

What are the requirements?

SupportSpace does not provide tech support training, so you need to be an experienced tech support professional with relevant expertise handling service types like the following:
· PC and Mac Support * Tablet Support * Mobile devices
· Virus Removals * PC Tuneups * Software troubleshooting

You must be able to pass a criminal background check to begin the certification process.

SupportSpace will provide certification on its platform, workbench, and service offerings through its SupportSpace University Learning Portal. You must pass the SupportSpace certification to validate that you have the technical knowledge and understanding to succeed in providing excellent service to customers.

What are the next steps?

To get started, take our pre-assessment at: http://corporate.supportspace.com/be...ct-a-category/ 

If you have any questions about us please e-mail sourcing@supportspace.com or call (650)273-4238 or (650) 741-9349

Thank you!

The SupportSpace Service Team