SFO Marketing Designer job, FT, Photoshop, Adobe, Illustrator, HTML

Walters & Wolf is in need of a talented Marketing Designer that will help us create and produce high-end, slick, intriguing marketing tools.

What you need to be our Marketing Designer:

1. You have the knack for coming up with unique, creative, and professional graphics.
2. You can communicate well -- graphically, verbally, and in writing.
3. You will have a strong understanding of client and market dynamics and requirements.
4. You will have a proven ability to oversee all aspects of marketing, advertising, and promotional activities.
5. You will have to understand what ED (Engineering & Drafting) and our Managers are communicating and interpret those ideas into a product.
6. Your proposals need to be clean, exciting, high-tech, and impressive!
7. You will be proficient at Photoshop, Adobe, Illustrator, HTML, and the basic MS Office products.
8. You must be over-the-top organized.
9. You will have a large network and resources to pull from.
10. You are honest, easy to get along with, like working in teams, and always behave in a professional manner.
11. You will have an exceptional customer service attitude.
12. You will be able to work with 5 different COO's to successfully accomplish the marketing designs needed for their operation.
13. You are self-motivated and have the ability to work independently.
14. This is a new position we are creating -- so it's important that you help us develop it over time.
15. You will have a BA in Marketing and 5-8 years of marketing experience.
16. Last, but not least, you MUST be able to meet or exceed deadlines. Sorry no exceptions.

The job:

1. Organize and manage project photo portfolio including collecting, building, maintaining and cataloging photos for use with proposals and presentations.
2. Manage website to ensure content and functionality is updated and maintained.
3. Coordinate with web designers and recommend any site changes or upgrades.
4. Create branding and standardization for bid packages for large scale project proposals.
5. Participate in bid strategy by building tangible presentation tools in conjunction with project cost and strategy process.
6. Brand and standardize job closing packages to ensure job closure as well as produce supplemental service and repair presentations for all installed products.
7. Manage all aspects of print production, receipt and distribution of hard copy and digital media.
8. Train sales team in the use of the digital media for purposes of presentation, including how to work software and demonstrate product to client.
9. Some travel required.

The people & company you will work with and for:

1. We work hard, put in long hours at the office and at home.
2. We enjoy the people we work with and strive to have good relationships because -- this is home away from home.
3. We play hard and enjoy our diverse hobbies -- from motorcycles to dirt bikes, kids, weekly road trips, workouts, softball & basketball teams, kids, garden --lovers, marathoners, nutritional gurus, boaters, Off-Roaders, Hot-Rod builders, Yoga students, title holding Kick-Boxers, and oh yeah, did I mention kids -- lots of them!
4. 33 years of successful Glazing, Precast, and Interior Doors on the West Coast. We're the best in the West -- hands down.
5. A management team that expects nothing but your very best effort -- every day.
6. A team oriented company that wants their employees to feel they are valued, appreciated, and rewarded for hard work.
7. Team members that count on each other to pull their weight.
8. We all believe in what we do and making a difference. We don't have a J-O-B, we have a career. W&W has great benefits, compensation & 401(k), vacation, and when we make a profit, so do the employees.

What you need to send:

1. A resume
2. We want to know what you are asking for in an annual salary.
3. A few samples of your best marketing design work -- pdf's please.
4. A few paragraphs about yourself that will give us a better understanding of your background, your experience, and how you think you would fit in with our team. We also want to know what's important to you when you work for someone. (We're not looking for a stuffy standard cover letter.)

If you think you are the right fit for this position, send your documents to careers@waltersandwolf.com
and in the subject line type "Marketing Designer."

Yes, we are an EOE, and we LOL. www.waltersandwolf.com