SFO Front End Developer job, work from home flexibility

is on the hunt for a passionate Front End Developer that lives on the edge of technology and design. Do you like plugging away endlessly on tired old concepts while the internet marches on? That's a bummer. Sorry. We hear the typewriter industry is in resurgence.

If, however, you want to spend each day basking in the satisfaction of realized potential, you should read on. . .
You've got moxie.

  • You love building websites using emerging technologies, but still know when to use tables

  • You're best at crafting html/css code, but have an aesthetic eye for design

  • You thrive on split testing new ideas across millions of users

  • You're not afraid to work with some of the most skilled engineers in the Silicon Valley

  • You believe the work day should be dynamic, ever-evolving, and filled with free food

You're flexible (mentally--we have a yoga-free interview process).

  • You're comfortable working within the design team

  • Your eye for detail ensures our sites stay pretty, clean, and well maintained

  • You like seeing features come to fruition and are able to jump into a project at any point in its lifecycle

  • You thrive within our data-driven design culture, and can quickly react to changes and new feature requirements driven by our user analytics

  • There's some marketer in you and you're well-prepped to create banners based on product team needs

  • You're hip to the latest requirements for cross-browser compatibility and page optimization

You know your stuff:

  • Strong foundation in (X)HTML, CSS, Javascipt, and XML

  • Knowledge of browser idiosyncrasies back through IE6 (Yeah, IE6. We know.) and fluency in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera

  • Intuitive and excellent visual eye

  • Robust portfolio with working samples

  • Your technical house is made of Adobe: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Fireworks

  • You know what an XSLT is and want to learn advanced coding languages

  • For extra-double-special credit, your background includes some direct marketing experience.

You believe that work and fun can, in fact, coexist:

Bored employees make boring products. At Inflection, there's no such thing. We run big websites with millions of users, but we're allergic to the sterile and cold corporate culture. Work and life should definitely be buddies, so we're serious about cultivating a fab work environment. To wit:

  • Conveniently located off 101 in Redwood Shores, with free Caltrain access through company sponsored GO Pass and a shuttle from both Hillsdale and San Carlos Caltrain stations

  • Business goals celebrated with Major Milestone Trips and frequent Friday Happy Hours

  • Company sponsored catered lunch daily

  • A start up's pantry of complimentary beverages and snacks

  • Company subsidized gym membership at nearby Pacific Athletic Club

  • High energy team with great mix of experienced entrepreneurs, talented engineers, and successful Silicon Valley veterans

  • We're serious about being ethical and responsible citizens and business people. For example, we make a charitable donation with each product release.

  • We've got a sailing club. If you never thought you'd be on a boat, here's your chance.

  • We care about results, and understand that people get there in their own unique way. You can define your own work path, work with others to set deadlines, and we offer generous work from home flexibility.

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