Operations Engineer/Developer at Spruce Media in San Francisco, CA


We are looking for a smart and energetic multi-faceted engineer to join our team. You can work from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home office, with minimal travel to SFO/DC as needed. We are open to applicants of all levels of experience, from college-grad through 20+ years in the industry. Though we do not hire based on specific languages or technologies, we primarily utilize and develop on the Microsoft technology stack (ASP.NET, C#) and supporting technologies (jScript, jQuery, MVC, AJAX, IIS7, SQL Server 2008, Powershell, etc.).
In this role versatility is the name of the game - you will write code, debug production issues, configure and maintain hardware, manage data and database systems, support servers of all types (web/iis, database/sql, virtual/hyper-v, infrastructure/AD, email/exchange, etc.), work with users to understand product needs/issues, test/QA builds, deploy new releases, and much more.  Naturally, we don't expect you to have experience with all of this (though if you do, I'm sure you'll jump to to the top of the list) - you should have exposure to and an understanding of the basics involved with the majority of these, and primarily be ready and willing to take on such a versatile role. If you are an expert in some of these great, if not that's fine too - if you are smart, motivated, and ready to learn what you don't already know, you'll be successful.
You should:
* Have a passion for technology in general
* Enjoy and thrive in an agile, fast-moving, ever-changing environment
* Welcome and take on technical challenges of all shapes and sizes
* Be comfortable working in a distributed, mostly-virtual environment
* Be capable of creating, providing, and executing on technical direction and tasks for yourself and others
* Be comfortable giving and taking open, honest communication with co-workers who will become your friends
* Be able to take minimal direction from others and provide maximal direction for yourself and others
* Have excellent interpersonal skills and a sense of humor
You will:
* Work on a wide range of technology, including:
   * Web, Windows, and Script development (ASP.NET, C#, Powershell, Ruby/Rake)
   * Sql Server 2008 R2
   * Traditional Microsoft infrastructure (IIS7+, Active Directory, Exchange Server)
   * Task/Bug/Kb/Ci software (FogBugz, Uservoice, TeamCity, Mercurial)
   * Wide range of servers, storage, hardware, and associated software
   * A variety of cloud-based services, custom built software, and internal systems
* Support/build software used to integrate with pre-release, closed-beta, and ever changing APIs on a very large (Facebook) platform
* Communicate and coordinate effectively with other developers and business users to ensure optimal progress towards our goals
* Work independently within a group of techies to drive product development and operations
You must:
* Demonstrate solid working knowledge of any mainstream object oriented or scripting programming language, ideally C++, C#, Powershell, or Ruby/Rake
* Have a broad understanding of development, operations, hardware, SDLC, QA, bug tracking, server operations, etc.
* Display working knowledge of the SQL language and/or SQL-based relational database system(s) (i.e. MySql, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
* Have a solid command of written and spoken English
* Be open to working odd hours (odd does not mean many, just odd), learning new technologies, and seeing problems through to resolution
* Be willing to travel to San Francisco, CA and/or Washington, DC as needed, likely no more than 7-10 trips total annually
The Perks:
* Work from your home or work in our primary office in SOMA San Francisco, CA
* Work in an office (when you are in the office anyhow) that understands and values techies. No cubicles, no unnecessary meetings, the latest hardware (usually), and people that laugh at your techie jokes
* Work with other cool people
* Very attractive compensation, good benefits, and equity.
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