Seattle Developer job, FT, vacation and flex time

SEOmoz is a small (just 30 of us today) but rapidly-growing, profitable technology startup. That said, we dream big--we aim to provide companies with the best, most advanced ways to measure and improve their organic web marketing (i.e. any traffic source you don't pay for - SEO, social, blogs, viral videos, etc.).

In our downtown Seattle offices, mere steps from Pike Place Market, we maintain a fun, supportive, laid-back work environment. We pay well (salaries are on par with the big guys - Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Sauron) and we work hard (sometimes long hours are a must, but we pride ourselves on working smart, not on 80-hour nightmare weeks). We're also very generous with vacation and flex time because we understand that our employees have lives, interests, and obligations outside of the office.

Our core values include being transparent (you'll get every key metric about the business each week), having fun (pie-eating contests - check! Team bowling trips - check! Friday afternoon Kinect dance parties - check!) and creating exceptional products our customers love. We strongly encourage you to read more about the company - our core values, our history and what we do.

About the position
We need a front-end developer to help complete the evolution of our tool set from PHP to Ruby. Someone who's as comfortable figuring out why the ORM insists on running an extra six hundred queries per page as they are fixing a recalcitrant CSS padding value in Firefox. Someone who groks MVC and embraces the modern frameworks (Cake, Merb, Rails, etc.) because they're useful tools for building quality sites quickly, not just because they're the flavor of the day.

You bring talent, ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit. We'll bring the opportunity. And the Goldfish. Seriously, there are buckets of them in the kitchen. I don't even know who likes them, we all just eat a few to keep them from overrunning the place.

• 1-5 years of recent experience in hands-on software design and coding
• BS/BA/MS/PhD in Computer Science (or a great reason for not having one, and believe us, there are plenty)
• Excellent problem solving and creative thinking skills
• Strong ability to self-motivate, think analytically, and work with great attention to detail
• Able to prioritize, execute, and deliver projects on time
• Solid OOP and software design ability, which means you can create designs and write code that meets specified architectural objectives--including reusable, extensible solutions--in an OO language like C++, C#, or Java
• Experience designing and coding web UI development--at least some of which is in Ruby
• Experience with Ruby, Javascript, and Linux/Unix Shell scripting
• Willing to learn new technologies and work in whatever language is needed (we have tools in C, Ruby, PHP, perl, and Python)
• Add energy to already energetic core team
• Able to clean up after yourself, and refill the coffee if you take the last cup
• U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status required

We're offering a very competitive salary for this position (based on experience) to attract exciting candidates. In addition, we also provide:
• Generous stock/ownership compensation (1 year to first stake, 4 years to full vesting)
• 3 weeks annual paid time off
• Opportunities to travel and attend/speak at industry events
• Paid Internet access for your home
• Multiple transportation options (Bus Pass, Flexcar, parking, etc.)
• Great benefits (medical, dental, etc)
• All-you-can eat goldfish crackers

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