We want Like Ja Teline iv

Also need some custom Module like Bulk Posting Article with

Bulk Content Publishing in once (10,000 publish Articles)

* Ability to publish Articles, Static Pages
* Ability to publish Image/Photo Galleries
* Keeping revisions and auto-drafts of articles
* Event Calendar
* Custom workflow statuses: active, pending, archived, deleted
* Different output formats for content: Web (xHTML), Mobile/PDA, Plain Text, RSS/Atom, JSON
* Internal search engine for advanced searching of site content
* Commenting system
* Topics & Tags
* Related articles
* Article tools (email to a friend, print version, subscribe, Rate etc.)
* AddThis Social bookmarking syndication By Add (Digg, Del.icio, and others )
* WYSIWYG editor for adding content
* Easy drag'n'drop customizable menu elements

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO Friend+Drupal SEO Tools)

* 3 different formats of SE Friendly URLs
* Fully SEO optimized templates
* Custom META keywords/description tags
* Automatic Google XML sitemap module
* GoogleNews readyThe SEO tools suite integrates:
* Keyword research
* Keyword management
* Keyword extraction
* Content optimization
* Content reports (via SEO Friend)
* Content tagging
* Link management
* Content autolinking
* Cornerstone content & silo management
* Drupal SEO architectural enhancements
* Page titles
* Path & Pathauto
* Global redirect
* Path redirect
* XML sitemap
* Google Analytics w/ API integration
* Google Webmaster Tools

Users and Roles

* Unlimited number of administrators and roles
* 5 default roles: Admin, Editor, Writer,Primum Member,Member
* Ability to create custom roles, like Comment Moderator or Photo Editor
* Ability to have users in multiple roles
* Active/Inactive users
* Workflow approval system

Modules and Extensions

* Open ID Modules
* Disqus comments Modules
* Bulk importer Tool Modules
-Bulk importer is a tool for importing content from your .txt and .jpg to Drupal.
* Newsletter Modules
* Poll Modules
-Poll plug-in allows you to quickly develop and publish user polls to your site as well as to analyze responses obtained from visitors
* Facebook Friends Box Like http://www.360buyblog.com/
* Twitter Updates Box Like http://www.360buyblog.com/
* CAPTCHA Modules
* Backup and Migrate Modules
* Drupal Cache Performance(Advanced cache) Modules

I need website theme designer as well. Please contact me with a rate for redesign

Please mail us your Email: sales (at) domaingood.com

Thank you