Remote data-analyst job, work online, Ohio

About you:

You enjoy analyzing large data sets.  You’re a perfectionist.  You love efficiency.  You know how to query a database with SQL.  You remember numbers so easily and type so fast that it’s faster for you to key in a friend’s phone number from memory than it is to find it in your Contacts.  You’re an excellent writer and communicator.  You are passionate about the web, web services, web-based apps.  You don’t mind working from home, as we are mostly a virtual company with a small office in Dayton, Ohio.

Technical Skills:

You must have a general technical understanding of how email is sent, and be familiar with SQL and relational databases.  Having the following skills will be advantageous.

  1. Writing SQL: You’ll need to SELECT data across multiple tables and databases to generate the result sets and reports that you’ll need.
  2. SMTP: You’ll need a basic understanding of the SMTP protocol.
  3. Email Structure: You’ll need to understand the components of an email message, from the headers to the body.
  4. IP Addresses: You’ll need to understand how IP addressing works on the Internet.

Daily responsibilities include:

  1. Reviewing our 20 largest customers’ recent campaigns and altering email routing to further optimize deliverability
  2. Analyzing deliverability trends from across our users and writing whitepapers on your findings
  3. Conducting email delivery experiments to determine what works best, and then publishing your findings.
  4. Resolving SMTP blocking issues with ISPs around the world
  5. Reading various email deliverability blogs to stay on top of what’s happening in the email marketing industry
  6. Helping customers set up SenderID and DomainKeys records.

To apply to be the JangoMail Data Analyst:

  1. Send your resume and cover letter to data-analyst AT us dot jangomail dot com. You can address it to me, Ajay.  Your letter should be in the body of the email. Your resume should be in RTF format. The cover letter to me is far more important than your resume.  Explain why you are ideal for this job.
  2. Answer the SQL questions 1-10 in  If you’re proficient in SQL, this shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.  You can skip question #11, as it's quite difficult.

I promise that if you follow these directions, your application will be read and considered by me personally.

What happens next?

1. I will read, review, and reply to every single application that follows the directions (on a rolling basis).

2. Then I'll create a shortlist of a few standout candidates whom I'll speak to on the phone for 15 minutes.

3. Then, the rest of the recruiting process will occur, including an in-person interview, a technical interview, reference checking, and other due diligence.

General Information about JangoMail:

JangoMail is a small business with 8 employees (you would make the 9th).  Most employees work from their home offices across the country.  We are an Ohio-based highly profitable, rapidly growing and successful web-based email system that allows businesses to create, send, and track email campaigns and transactional email. JangoMail was launched in the fall of 2001 and has over 3,100 customers worldwide.  JangoMail currently owns two services - and  A third service is about to be launched soon.