Do you like working on the phone?
We have provided an advertising career path for over 30 years.
It starts with appointment setting, in a pleasant environment.
We have (2) desks with window views available, but working from your home office is the goal.
All of our associates are treated with respect.
Most of our staff has been with us for 10 to 15 years.
We pay well and we pay weekly.
No selling is required. Just set the appointment and our commission-based consultants will do the rest.
Sales careers are available as well. Must be willing to work hard.
We work from 7:15am until 2pm Monday through Friday. We do not work nights, weekends or holidays.
Training takes (3) hours, but it would take years to learn everything that we could teach you.
We pay well, and we pay weekly.
$500 per week is what you will earn setting (2) appointments per day.
$1,000 per week is easily achievable if you can set (3) appointments per day.
Benefits are available after (90) days.
Please call (503) 895-6922 and leave us a message.

Qualified individuals will be contacted.
Location: Goose Hollow Downtown
Compensation: $9 per hour or commission