The nonprofit organization B Lab ( seeks a super-efficient, highly dependable, very enthusiastic data manager to improve the quality, accuracy, and completeness of our 8,000 person database. This person will be available immediately and live in the Boston, New England, or New York City area. As newly launched development department with three years of backlogged data, B Lab seeks someone to achieve the below items.

1. Improve quality of development prospect data in Salesforce. This task involves:

a. Completing current data entries with basic contact information (using Jigsaw and other means)

b. Identifying entries within the 8,000 entries that may have funding potential (using wealth engine and other means)

c. Segmenting donor prospects according to their demographics, potential, and behavior

d. Fleshing out fields within the database to capture additional information

2. Collecting and importing data from emails in various staff member’s outlook accounts that were not fleshed out with contact info and entered into the database

3. Importing institutional prospect lists of foundations, corporations etc.

This job is estimated to take 3-6 months at 20 hours/week at the rate of $15-20/hour. The majority of the work will be done off-site, but it will require excellent and ongoing communication with different members of the B Lab community who have knowledge about different sectors (who live around the country). We hope to meet once a week in our Boston office and occasionally in our New York City office.

We expect that whoever will take on this position will be available for regular on-site meetings with the Boston development team (two people). It will be a very iterative job that requires patience, attention to detail, self-initiative, and common sense. Prior experience scrubbing data is essential.

Please send resume and cover letter to The cover letter must describe two specific data-organizing projects you have completed, including breadth of work achieved and concrete benefits that the client received as a result of your work.