Sales/Support Technicians
Its time to get some more staff on board again!

We are looking for both sales and support staff who fit the following requirements.

We are looking for:
Sales Staff with Highspeed Connection to answer LiveChat Sessions
Support Staff with Highspeed Connection to answer LiveChat Sessions

US-Based Sales Staff willing to answer Sales Calls*
US-Based Support Staff willing to answer Support Calls*

Our pay-scale will be kept confidential but it is on a per-case basis (per ticket, chat, or call). We will provide the pay-scale to those who are interested in the job.

Support Requirements (Will Train):
Be able to provide level 1 and level 2 support (basic troubleshooting and some diagnostics) for clients.

Hours are extremely flexible, except for Phone - which is limited to 9AM-5PM Eastern Time (hours within are still flexible).

Any phone call staff will be required to be fluent in English and located in the United States. We will NOT send calls overseas.

Please email NO PM requests will be taken.

Please include your full legal name, address, phone number, hours you are available during the week/weekend.

**At our company, you pretty much set your own hours, just let us know what they will be and we can make sure to fit you in!