, a mobile app store/mobile tech site is looking for freelance Vloggers to review apps for its widely read Tech Blog ( and new YouTube channel (

Imagine just downloading apps, playing with them, and then just reviewing them via video! This fun position is open for those who want to use this as an internship or part time gig, can be done remotely, and independently on your chosen schedule. After a week probation period Video Reviews will pay $10 per review. This position can lead to a permanent part-time position as our client and readership base expands. We ask for a two month contract commitment (60 Days). Video reviews need to be 3 minutes max. Vloggers can can earn significant income by promoting our site, contacting developers directly and securing reviews, or by way of our gig. This is perfect for a college student or for a part time gig. Contact us at info[at] for more details!

Position Type - Vlogger (Vloggers Need To Own Their Own Camera)
Submission Schedules [Choose One]- (a) M, (b) Tues, (c) Wed, (d) Thurs, (e) Fri, (f) Sat, (g) Sun
Topics - App Reviews, Mobile Tech Topics


* App Reviews for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Web OS, Windows Phone, Symbian or Facebook apps (Choose one or more)
* Vlog - 3 Minute Max Reviews Intro, Review, Verdict. Videos will appear on our Tech Blog and YouTube Channel - Face need not be shown (unless you want to).
* Give credit where due and mention sources/links
* Professional, articulate, positive but critical, and informative

This is something you could add to your resume for future employment prospects. We will give full credit and the workload is considerably light. If you are a freelance vlogger, we can advertise your blog, podcasts or websites in your submission upon review. Visit our site and our blog today. Email us your writing samples so you can get started today. You must love Mobile Apps and Mobile Tech. (site) (YouTube Channel)

We currently average 6,000,000 views weekly, thousands of downloads weekly and have 500 partnering developers.

Contact us at info[at] if you are interested.