NY Python job, Work Telecommuting, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, SOLR/Lucene/ElasticSearch, Postgres, MySQL

The engineering team drives the company here at FanFeedr. We’re obessed with building beautiful, resilient products that help people stay up-to-date and explore the sports they love.

We’re a pragmatic small shop that believe in using the right tool for the job - our current stack runs Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, SOLR/Lucene/ElasticSearch, Postgres, MySQL, and more.


Being a sports nut certainly helps, but isn’t required. Though, knowing a hockey stick from a baseball bat may help. A degree in computer science is great, but not necessary if you know your stuff.

Experience with the following are all pluses:

  • Relational databases (Postgres/MySQL)
  • Distributed, highly-concurrent systems (RPC/ AMQP)
  • Well-versed in machine learning techniques.
  • Solid Python, Javascript and Java chops.
  • Experience with AWS, (or similar cloud-based infrastructures): EC2, S3
  • Experience developing RESTful services

An engineering position at FanFeedr will require exposure to the full stack. That said, most of your day-to-day experience will be working behind the scenes on everything from managing systems configurations, building RPC services, exploring machine learning techniques to build smarter classifiers, and apply rich information retrieval techniques.

As we scale, speed’s important to us. You should be comfortable analyzing algorithms, participating in regular code reviews, explore an implementation before committing to it, and consider how it’ll scale.

Contact Info:

  • Contact: Jonathan Stasiak
  • E-mail contact: tech@fanfeedr.com
  • Telecommuting OK, local preferred