NY photography writer job, Remote writing job

Reciprocal Consulting is looking for a writer in or very near New York City, with above average knowledge of photography and digital cameras.

The job will be to write detailed reviews (1000 words minimum) of digital cameras for a popular New York camera store. The writer will be given cameras on loan in order to write the review, and will have to pick the cameras up locally and drop them back off to the store once complete. The store is located near 5th Avenue and West 35th Street.

These reviews will be clearly marked as the store's review, and should not in any way be confused with traditional consumer or "customer reviews."

Our goal is to get 4 reviews completed per month with a total budget of $200 per month ($50 for each review), however that is flexible based on the number of applicants we receive and the experience and writing quality we see. Paypal or check is the preferred method of payment.

Please let us know if you would require more compensation than what is mentioned above, and how much you would charge for each review.

To apply, email some examples of your writing along with a brief description of your experience with photography and digital cameras to:

chris [at] reciprocalconsulting.com

Also, if your compensation requirement is higher than $50 per review, please state your compensation requirements.