Best selling author's are still sometimes starving artists. This one - author of two books, two more coming out this year, is seeking an intelligent, red carpet presentable, computer savvy personal/marketing assistant - to work part time from their own home - hopefully in Manhattan.
Author's books and publishing company enterprise need concentrated, early detailed one time computer research - compiling lists, extracting email addresses, contact names and information. Assistant would also keep a calendar of book talking tours and signings commitments.
 This is a part time job - doing it from your home evenings and weekends is fine. This could build into something larger, more permanent. A fixed monthly retainer fee will be paid, the amount to be determined, plus an annual incentive on book sales.
 This is a perfect opportunity for MBA students - housewives or secretaries proficient and patient in menial start up detail of gathering email addresses, developing lists for promotional mailers. First interviews by phone or Skype.

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