This IS STRICTLY BASED ON COMMISSION. I am emphasizing this because this is not a salary job. There are no expenses paid, no benefits. This is part time (work from your home) Looking for someone 2 to 3 days per week, approx: 12 hours per week. (Flexible hours) This is any given Monday through Friday (ONLY) You must have a computer and have Staten Island Unlimted (Phone Service) ~ If you have an interest and have some experience in EVENT PLANNING, then need apply. If you dont have experience, but have a sales background and understand how commission works, you may be considered. This isnt a difficult job but there is alot involved. I do not have the time to train and explain the entire event planning business or how it works. This email is long but very interesting to read so, please continue. I am a very nice person and QUITE charming. : ) But I do have a big heart. I have a strong business background and I understand how things work. I dont claim to know it all, but I do not tolerate stupidty but have a sense of humor . I am just looking for the right team to put together. I need to enforce this email this way because it's a brand new business and I need to build a team. The whole idea of consulting a client and then making their vision happen can be an awesome experience. You have to be creative. Each event is different but can require, Consulting, Decorating, Entertainment, Promotional items, Menu planning, Venue searches, Guest List Management, ETC so many other unimaginable things.


Here we Go ~
The hours will vary, based on a schedule that we can agree on. You can make a few hundred per event with little hours involved. The more you put in, the more you get out. This again, is a side job. Please I Cant Stress Enough, DO NO give up a job, for this. This is strictly part time and commission sales. Please note: It can take 1 to 2 months before you start seeing results, but this all depends on how hard your willing to work. As the ball is already in motion. We've had a lot of exposure already and just seeing the road AHEAD, in just a short time, to what might be very successful. You must be available at night, early evening perhaps to work the event. Could start as early as 4PM for (set up) till 10PM. Please let me know your availabilty on hours in evening so I can put you on my ROSTER LIST, for events that you can work. My projection is there will be 1 to 2 events per month, right now ! Mostly during the week, but again this is yet to be known, Can possibly fall on a weekend.

Set aside you trying to bring in sales, you may be asked to plan an event with me, from start to finish and also attend the event. You may just be asked to just ATTEND the event. You may not even be asked to work on planning nor attending the event.
There are many ways and things along the way. BUT whatever you do, ( you will be paid for whatever you worked on, for that event) If you bring in your own event, your RESPONSIBLE TO PLAN WITH ME, FROM START TO FINISH AND ATTEND.
Not all events, are required our attendance. If bring YOUR OWN event that just requires just Guest List Management, you may be just paid hourly on this. We are still ironing out the kinks of the commission structure.

You have to be on my roster sheet for working events and your hours available (Night Hours) So I know when I can use you. You will always know this way in advance, the event date. I am looking for someone to do sales and attend events(on occasion) bottom line. This can be for registration desk, supervision, representation etc....... for the company.

I am not looking for drama. I say this because good help is hard to find. I am looking for someone genuiune. I am not looking for someone's complaints or to babysit anyone. This is a very freelance business involving a stream line of different things.
This isnt your typical job. This isnt a push a pen and sit behind a desk (way of thinking) I need someone with enthusiam. I need someone who is s realiable. Someone that isnt afraid to network. So, I cannot afford to deal with certain things. This is doesnt have the office enviorment where if you dont show up, or you dont do something, I have people that can pick up someone elses slack. I am not looking for someone who kinda think this is FOR THEM, and a week later they are telling me, sorry, this isnt for me. I put alot of energy, & time into this company to open my doors and and I am not looking to waste your time, or have someone waste mine.. So please LETS NOT WASTE, both our times. That is why I am writing all of this in the ad. I do not have the time to ask all these questions and spend an hour on the phone with someone. I am too busy still putting things in place. Please expect some growing pains, as there are in any new business. And, That is why I need someone who understands the sales business.
This can be alot fun, but also needs to be taking seriously.

More importantly I need someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves. We have the resources, we have the knowledge and are going to take this by storm. We are only looking for selective people, with a certain personality. I dont think someone that has small children as that may be an interuption for my operation or not be able to work at the last minute. We are dealing with alot of Corporate Clients and they are relying on us to execute their event which is costing THEM ALOT OF MONEY.
I cannot afford to drop the ball because someone else is not taking this serious.

This is for someone that has no problem working independently and someone who is outgoing but also who has professionalism that can go out with me and network to get sales at some business funtions , always meeting new faces. Again, this is all local.
(for now) There is many different aspects of this position and I need someone quick on their feet, and be able to turn on the charm on the drop of a dime.

Job Description & Requirements:

Must have Staten Island Unlimited ( I do not pay home bills, cell bills ) Or any other expenses, gas expenses etc.
Must have Car
Must have Computer & Know Basic Email, Facebook, Excel Spreadsheets

Market & Advertise with company literature (DIRECT MAIL)
Sales prospecting with Internet Marketing
Keeping track of in house client data base with weekly excel reports
Originate new clients on sales calls
Vendor Pricing ( You may be responsible to some price quotes in order to make proposal) for your clients
Researching Information ( Products) for Events. Also Pricing out certain items for future events keeping list of vendors
Travel & Errands (On Occasion) For the excution of the event
Anything required to get the event off the ground.

Please answer the following questions:

1) Why do you want to work for an Event Planning Company (On Commission Only) ?

2) Describe your personality in a very short paragraph

3) How many years were you in sales and what did you exactly do ? Please only in 2 short sentences. I do not NEED a novel.

4) Can you decorate ? A restaurant, with drapery, and hanging decorations, and centerpieces.. just for flare and creativity....or bring some new decorating ideas to the table ( BE CREATIVE) this isnt entirely necessary, but willing to learn. it would be extremely helpful.

If you think you have what it takes and willing to devote some time to make EXTRA money and willing to go through the growing pains, PLEASE email your resume. No phone calls please.
You will only be taken seriously if you have answered the questions.

robinmichelleinc @