Medical Transcriptionist job, work from home online, Philadelphia

Our office has immediate opportunities for Medical Transcriptionists with two years of experience or more. Read the entry below if you are training.

Full and Part Time available. Hours are flexible.
High speed internet connection
All of our jobs are work from home.
Cardiology Specialists are also in need


Two years experience as a transcriptionist in clinical chart notes and Medical Transcription graduate with internship training completed
High School Diploma
Flexible and dependable

About Our Company - TNI

We are a professional Medical Transcription company that has been a leader in the industry since the late 1980s. We provide multiple layers of service to physicians, clinics and hospitals. We do work for companies in several states using secure internet connections. Our transcriptionists all work from home.

How to reach us

1. Please visit us at www tnicentral com
2. Click on our employment page
3. Send in your resume by emailing Bridget @

About Training

Does being a medical transcriptionist and working from home sounds good to you? We are involved in personal and professional employment growth by hiring students just out of training and internship.

If you are new to medical transcription and interested in training- Please go to www tnicentral com and see our Training Page for information. It is located under Employment.

If you've had Medical Transcription training you must have been involved in and graduated from an internship to be hired. If you are looking for training we recommend Med Workshops or M-Tec as good schools. To visit them copy and paste this in your web browser for Google or Yahoo or Bing

"Medical transcription training and Med Workshops"

Apply for our employment spots and if you have medical transcription experience or finished an internship training, please visit and submit your resume and contact information to Bridget @ Bridget will review your resume and set up a time for a typing test. Please don't call us for information or you will be disqualified- we can't handle the call volume- thank you for respecting our no-call requirement.