London news reporter job, FT, science, technology, IT

The Register
is looking for new reporters to work out of our London newsroom. We are looking for people who can write quickly, accurately and above all readably and who have an interest in science, technology and the IT biz - but not to the exclusion of all else. Many years of experience and deep, narrow expertise are not required: we expect and intend to train successful applicants on the job.

The Register is the world's first and only technology tabloid and has been published exclusively online since before that was, technically, even possible. Its readership is between four and five million, including just about anybody with a professional interest in technology or IT and many more who follow our world-beating coverage of rayguns, atom smashers, killer robots, selected celebrities, zeppelins and garden-shed engineering breakthroughs. Truly it has been said that beancurd-scoffing hippies read the Guardian; mindless bigoted reactionaries read the Daily Mail; and people who feel that the IT industry would benefit from the involvement of Paris Hilton in some way read the Register.

Successful candidates will probably be early in their journalistic careers and keen to polish their skills writing fast and well for a huge and knowledgeable audience. It will be of interest that the current vacancies have opened up following the departure of previous reporters to such titles as the Telegraph and the New York Times.

The work is based in our West End offices and requires much use of the internet, but also frequent outings and there is ample scope to develop serious investigative skills. Some ability in photography would be useful but not vital: so would basic competence in filing copy, pictures etc using mobile technology. If you need tech support to use a computer this is not the job for you.

Applicants should email CVs with a (short) covering letter to The closing date is 15 August 2011.