Great opportunity available for gamers! We're looking for gamers with a working PS3 connected to the internet who want to play and get paid! The testing will be conducted from your home.

The Tests will run on a weekly basis starting June 30th through August 4th , 2012.

Job Description:
• Testers will participate in a closed Beta test for an unreleased AAA title.
• Must maintain professional behavior at all times.
• Tester will be expected to fully participate during their allotted time frames and complete any tasks delegated to them.

Required Skills & Experience:
• Beta testing experience is an asset but not required.
• Tester must be able to follow instructions on game area and focus.
• Available for off hours testing during the evening for two hour test periods (time periods will be defined in advance).
• Must be at least 18 years of age.

Technical Requirements
• Must own or have access to PS3 with a personal PSN ID.
• Must own or have access to a computer.
• Have 4GB-8GB available on home PS3

**Please follow the link found below to apply**