We are world leaders within Success Education and Personal Development. Our educational e-learning product has been awarded the top e-learning prize on the 100 Learning list. We know we are the best.

Integration into the British education system is where we are now heading. If you are a Personal Development teacher or have your own practice this is an excellent learning tool that you will be keen to review.

I am looking for teachers and people passionate about personal development to work with me to expand this educational tool across all levels or school and college education and to people to use from home. Everyone has an aspect of their life they want to improve. Success is craved. Personal Development is now a massive social need, love and passion.

If you would like to learn more about an exciting and positive product that is developed in-house by a company who is dedicated to planting a positive footprint on this planet please contact me.

Part-time or full time. Payment: £35,000 - £200,000

mandy @ taking-ownership.com