Lee's Summit Full-Time SEO writer job, title tags, short paragraphs, ad copy, text link ads

Looking for good SEO writers to develop content for web sites.
Your job is to write content that will be used to simultaneously generate traffic from search engines while also selling a product.

You will be working in-house in a professional office right off I-470 in Lee's Summit.

Your writing will include web page title tags, short paragraphs, ad copy, and text link ads.
Basically any words you see on a web page, you could be writing.

You will be producing bulk content and should be comfortable writing about the same topic for possibly days or weeks at a time.

Previous experience with SEO, online advertising, link development, web design, etc, is a plus.

Temporary to Full Time:
You will work for a period of time as a temporary worker. I will evaluate your speed, skills, dependability, etc. Full time positions will be awarded based on performance.
The initial hours are somewhat flexible, but anyone who is hired full time will be expected to maintain a regular 9-5 schedule. No telecommuting or working from home.