L2 System Admin Support job, Server/ Systems Admin job, remote jobs

Site5 is continuing to grow and we are looking to add some new people to our customer service and support team.

Why would I want to work at Site5?
* You will be working from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world!
* We are a small company with under 75 team members and have some great opportunities to move up and further your career!
* All employees receive 17 days of paid time off per year.
* Health/dental/vision insurance is available to U.S. employees.
* Your input and suggestions matter, and we encourage them.
* We encourage learning new skills and we will pay for the books to help. We want you to grow and move up in the company. Your success is our success!

General Requirements (all positions):
* Love of helping people and love for the Internet!
* Experience in web hosting, and with cPanel and linux.
* A high speed Internet connection.
* Phone & computer microphone for Skype.
* Fast typer.
* Fluent in English (written and oral).

4 Available Positions Currently as of June 2011:

1. L2 System Administrator
Time: 1pm - 9pm EST Monday through Friday

2. L2 System Administrator
Time: 6pm - 2am EST Monday through Friday

3. L2 System Administrator
Time: 6pm - 2am EST Monday through Friday

L2 System Administrator Job Details:

Career Duties:
Provide Site5 customers with amazing customer service and make sure we have the most problem free stable hosting possible! Plus with you being our eyes and ears on the ground it is up to you to make sure any repeat bugs or issues are escalated and fixed.

Day to Day Duties:
Provide customer support through our ticket system on a variety of L2 problems. Our L1 technicians and chat support have escalated these tickets up the chain so you should be comfortable with more advanced issues in the cPanel/CentOS/Linux environment. More specifically this can also include: solving abuse issues, doing restores/backups for clients, explaining higher level tech concepts to educate our customers.

Required Experience:
A. Fluent written English, you must be totally fluent in fluent in written English. Spoken English does not have to be perfect, but we would prefer it to be.

B. You need to have experience in Linux, cPanel/WHM. We also expect you to have a decent understanding or willingness to learn the included sub sytems in the hosting environment such as Apache, DNS/BIND, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Email/Exim/Courier.

C. Outstanding customer service and a desire to help people!

D. It is also great beneficial if you have experience with web hosting topics and open source software like WordPress, Drupal, ModX, phpBB, and so on!

E. Desire to better yourself and learn by reading and testing. If you don’t understand how WordPress works you need to have the drive to set up your own install and play with it.

4. System Admin / Server Specialist (Monitoring and Response/Abuse)
Time: 1pm - 9pm EST Monday through Friday

System Admin / Server Specialist Job Details:

Career Duties:
Make sure the Site5 server fleet is performing perfectly and responding to any issues to make sure they are resolved. Good communication and ability to track a problem through to resolution.

Day to Day Duties:
Monitor servers using a variety of tools to make sure they are online and working perfectly. If problems come up responding to the problem, fixing it, and notifying customers or data center staff depending on the issue. On a daily basis this can be DDOS attacks, load spikes, spam outbreaks, sites abusing resources, blacklistings, etc.

Required Experience:
A. Fluent written English, you must be totally fluent in fluent in written English. Spoken English does not have to be perfect, but we would prefer it to be.

B. The Big List:
* Linux ninja with solid understanding of Redhat/CentOS.
* Clear understanding of tools like top, ps, netstat, portstat, tcpdump, grep.
* How to manage the Exim mail queue and troubleshoot e-mail server problems.
* MySQL server management and optimization.
* How to use the CSF/LFD firewall tool and iptables.
* Some experience with bash scripting.
* Knowledge of cPanel and all its subsystems (Apache, BIND, MySQL, PHP, Exim, Courier and many more).
* Extreme comfort in a terminal window.

How to Apply?

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

Email careers@site5.com with:
1. Your resume.
2. Your name in the subject.
3. Tell us which position you are applying for and where you are located in the world.
4. Tell us your experience with cPanel/WHM/Linux in your own words in a quick paragraph.
5. If you want to share, what you want to be working towards over the next 5 years in your career.

*Salary is based on your location in the world and your previous experience in the industry.
*Site5 is a world wide team, we have the bulk of our staff in the USA but also in the UK, India, Serbia, Uruguay, Canada, Portugal, Australia, Romania, and more!
*Site5 does reviews on a six month basis for performance as well as a raises.
*We have a lot of room for growth in the company, both in technical positions, systems positions, project based positions, management positions, software development, and customer service for those that excel in working with customers. In the last few years we have doubled in size and are continuing to grow very quickly.

We expect Site5 to be your sole job as these are not pay-per-ticket positions. You cannot work for another hosting company while being employed at Site5. No hiring agencies or outsourced support companies.

Only selected applicants will be contacted.
Thank you!
Site5 Management