Houston phone job, English-Spanish bilinguals prefered, home-based work

We are a small family owned and operated telephone answering service. We are looking to fill 4 positions. We prefer candidates who are fluent in both English & Spanish. However you will not be disqualified if you are not bilingual.

About Us:
We are not a large company, if you are looking to get lost in the corporate world this is not the position for you. We are a very small company on average less than 15 employees, including management. Small business are not meant for everyone. We do offer a casual working environment, and try to make it as stress free as possible (some stress is part of the job). We do offer job security, since we have been in business for 45 years. We also offer overtime, shift differential pay, holiday pay, paid time off, incentives, and rewards.

Job Description
Answer incoming calls promptly and professionally.
Take messages with accurate, and descriptive information.
Relay the message to our clients timely, and correctly
Filing, coping, light cleaning, etc
Any other task management asks you to assist with

The Ideal Candidate:
Will be available to work anytime. 247/7 365 including evenings, weekends, and holidays. We are a 24/7 business, and need employees around the clock.
Will have reliable transportation. Due to our operation hours, you must have reliable transportation. The bus is not reliable, as they are often late, and do not operate 24/7.
Will type at least 45 WPM
Will have a professional voice and be able to speak in a professional manner.
Will have exceptional spelling, and grammar skills.
Will be a fast learner, as we have many clients you will have to familiarize yourself with.

Paid time off from work! Take a vacation, or stay home and relax all while getting paid so you do not miss any of your monthly bills!
Incentive pay! If you perform well, we will pay you $1.00 extra per hour for the entire week!
Those terrible doubles, and triples you are use to, we call them splits. We offer at least a 1 hour break (yes a real break), and we pay you an extra $1.00 per hour for all hours worked that day!
We offer house shifts, but we call them Up For Grabs, if you pick one up we will pay you an extra $1.00 per hour for the duration of that shift.
We allow you the opportunity to get over time, if you want it!
We will soon be able to offer you affordable health insurance with a 50% employer contribution to your monthly premium.

Training, which can last up to the first 90 days, depending on you, is paid at $7.25 per hour. That is about $1160 per month guaranteed! After training, and your first 90 days you are eligible for a pay increase, up to a monthly rate of $1360! After six more months (9 months) you are eligible for an an additional pay increase up to a monthly rate of $1480! After that pay increases are given on a yearly basis, based on a yearly review. This is based on a 40 hour work week before any additional shifts, bonuses, and benefits!

We want you to join our team!! Call us today at (713) 866 - 6593