Goleta 3D CAD/ Prototype Engineer job, FT

The 3D CAD/Prototype Engineer will support all Deckers brands through the use and implementation of 3D technology. This is a new position for Deckers and will initially focus on the generation of rapid prototype parts to support the product teams. Eventually the role will encompass all 3D file work including revisions, scanning and design.

Main responsibilities:
• Runs and maintains the Company's rapid-prototype printer in order to provide quality 3D prototype parts to the brands.
• Supports the product creation function by spot-checking files and assisting in the communication of changes when necessary.
• Administers and archives all files so that product history can be maintained.
• Provides technical support with regard to CAD or 3D software when needed.
• Keeps Deckers "up-to-date" by consistently learning about new software, techniques, etc.

• Bachelor's degree in product design, engineering or other related field.
• 2-5 years experience in engineering or prototyping of consumer goods.
• Proficiency in working with various versions of 3D software such as: IGES, STL, VRML, PLY, Rhino, etc.
• General knowledge of product development including the principles of CAD (computer aided design), 3D scanning and various methods of rapid prototyping.
• General knowledge of manufacturing including the various molding techniques of plastics and foams.
• Experience in either the building or surfacing of 3D files.
• Experience with Z-Corp software preferred.
• Exceptional attention to detail.
• Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment.
• Ability to serve multiple customers with multiple needs.
• Ability to proactively problem-solve.
• Ability to clearly communicate technical information.

You can access the Deckers Career Center here: https://2xrecruit.kenexa.com/kr/cc/jsp/public