Front End Software Engineer job,  SFO

Rdio,, was founded in 2009 by Janus Friis with Niklas Zennström, the founders of Skype. Before Skype, they were doing music online with Kazaa. And when online music was still not being done right by 2009, Rdio was born. We're based in downtown San Francisco, and that's where we're staying. No more than 3-4 blocks from a BART stop, no endless commutes to far-flung areas of the Bay.

We're funded by Atomico, as well as Janus Friis, Mangrove Capital Partners and Skype.

We want to make music fun again. No more wading through the internet trying to find out what the new hits are, or to listen to an old favorite song again -- and no more managing thousands of MP3s you stopped listening to years ago. Instead we're putting together the best ways to discover, collect, share and play music in one, great product that's available on your computer, your phone and in your home.

Rdio is available the US and Canada, but the plan is to add many more countries in 2011. Oh, and it's pronounced 'ar-dee-oh'.

Rdio is looking for front-end software engineers. We typically take designs from the product team and implement them in a short time span, and are responsible for the quality of the features we ship. We push code to production several times a day if necessary. We are looking for people that can have an immediate impact, so experienced front-end engineers are preferred, but anybody with experience working on user interfaces and a passion for detail are welcome to apply.

If you join us, you can look forward to a lot of impact and a lot of freedom. With that comes the responsibility to ship quality code, so we're looking for people that take quality as a point of pride.

• Implement new features for the Rdio web app
• Interact with product designers to make sure all user interactions are designed and implemented correctly
• Fix bugs as they are found
• Test features across all major browsers (except IE6!)
• Identify and fix performance issues.

• Extensive JavaScript experience
• Experience with HTML/CSS
• Knowledge of native DOM APIs
• Has an opinion on innerHTML vs. document fragments
• Has an opinion on Crockford's JS style
• Understands non-intrusive JS techniques and their pros and cons
• Knowledgeable on the latest web technologies and how they may be used effectively
• Experience developing complex software with many moving parts
• Obsessive about quality
• Pragmatic
• Having developed your own client side framework or library is a big plus

We offer a competitive compensation package to include salary, equity, and great benefits like health, dental, and 401(k).

Please forward your resume to