Looking for a freelance writer to help with weekly web-editions of Huckberry: an urban+outdoor lifestyle website that blends content and eCommerce. www.huckberry.com

Huckberry demographics: Young, active, urban dwelling professionals (urban meets outdoors). Weekend warriors, busy social life, looking to explore new/emerging brands and experiences. Care equally about the history and story of a brand as the products.
Huckberry editorial voice: Smart, witty, self deprecating, hip and just as current on the classics as modern happenings.
Inspiration/comparables: Cool Hunting/GearPatrol/The Art of Manliness meets Outside Magazine. Thrillist/Urban Daddy type voice, but less over the top.
Work: 3-5 brand/company feature write ups per week - generally 150 to 200 words per feature. 2-3 blogs posts per week (often including interviews with brand founders / influential people within various action sports/fashion/lifestyle industries)
Writer description: Must fit into demographic laid out above. No granola's or suits. Somewhere in between please.
Pay: Competitive.

Please send an email to rgreiner@huckberry.com if you are interested with a BRIEF description about yourself and easy to view writing samples (links preferably). We are looking for an editorial voice that is similar to the content on the site now, so to the extent possible, please review and find a way to demonstrate you are the right fit. Brevity is the sole of wit. Thanks.