Freelance Writer for Lending Business

Reciprocal Consulting is looking for a content writer for an ongoing search engine marketing campaign that is for a lending company who specializes in cash loans using car titles as collateral.

The budget for this job is $300 per month, contracted on a month to month basis, and our content creation needs will evolve as the job goes on.

In the beginning of the job we will need to work on the web page content in order to improve it.

We will also need some articles written for submission to content publishing websites.

As the job progresses, we will occasionally need press releases, and we will need some short (300-500 word) blog posting as well.

The writer should have experience in this topic, and / or be willing to do the necessary research in order to write intelligently on it without putting out misinformation.

To apply, please email chris [at] with some details on your experience with this topic and examples of work.

Please give us a general idea of your rates in terms of what you would be willing to do per month for the $300 / month rate. (How many 600-800 word articles, or how many 300-500 word blog posts, etc.) We will work with you each month based on the budget and what we need for the campaign. Thanks for considering this job.