A rapidly growing company needs a hardworking, honest person who is a fast learner. We place high value on our associates' honesty, diligence, and willingness to work.

Team members must be hardworking and honest, as well as quick learners.
The work requires that you have Internet access and a printer.
No special skills are required.

Work in the field of Customer Service.
Full time.
Work from home.

You will be paid:
US $2,500 per month during the probation period (one month)
US $3,000 per month after the probation period

You may choose any convenient payment method from the following:
- Cheques (to be sent to you by mail);
- Western Union transfer;
- PayPal.

Starting from the second month, payment will be made once every two weeks.
We do not conduct additional interviews; our hiring decisions are made based on assessment of candidates' resumes and our communications by phone.
You can receive a more detailed description of the position by contacting the Manager via e-mail
christenm.hagan @ yahoo.com